Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Burden of the Mind

Mommy: I need you to think about what you did to D. and what you need to do in the morning to make up to him.
Anthony: But I can't - I have SOOOOO much to think about!
Mommy: What?
Anthony: I have to think about how I need to get used to doing chores so that I can earn money so that I can buy more tracks so that I can build a bigger bridge!

Ah. Priorities, priorities.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The First of Many

It is easy to feel as if you are not giving your children enough. In my own experience it is not that I'm not giving them enough stuff but I worry about not giving them enough of myself. With them so close together I don't have the luxury, nor do they, of giving them an extended baby-hood or a leisurly preschool phase. Most days we just push through, trying to drown out the noise and get through the day. So I often feel like they are not getting attention, seeing enough joy, from me. I hope that these pictures of Cecilia's first meal remind me of the joy that I've been able to give them. I do believe that the gift of a sibling outweighs the chaos that the extra sibling brings. And when I look at these pictures I think that they agree with me.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today's Nuggets

I know it's been sparse around here. The homeschool-planning "hamster wheel" (Thanks "Chris") is spinning at full-tilt and I've been afraid that if I try to step out to blog then I'll not be allowed back in. But last night was quite productive so I dare to act like a normal person again for one evening.
Today's Lovelette nuggets are:
Cecilia has entered her golden-age. The magical time of infancy where she is able to sit up but not crawl. It is so short-lived but oh, so easy for mama.
Thomas has taken to dragging Hungry Hungry Hippos around behind him like Linus' blanket. It's has kept him from making several escape attempts so I will encourage this rather bulky attachment.
Rosie is POTTY TRAINED! We've been trying off and on for a year but I have very little to no tolerance for accidents on a regular basis so we keep reverting after a couple days of "training". But it's been over a week with no accidents to speak of so, YAY! Her quote of the day was made while gazing at the result of a successful potty trip: "THAT is the poop of me." Yup. That's just what it is.
Anthony's quote of the day was a protest heard over dinner since Daddy made the red sauce instead of Mommy (it was delicious, by the by):"Why do you keep making my life so hard?!"
Must run now to go tyrannize over my brood. I hear that I am going to be forced through the sprinkler. I think it's Daddy who is truly the tyrant.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Joey update 7/10/10

Updates for Joey can now be found here. Please continue to pray for them. It looks like he might be headed home soon for a few months respite before his next surgery. I've been so blessed to spend a little time with him and his mom in the hospital and wow. All I can say is that grace is given to those who need it. Kate and Pat are accepting this cross with resolution and peace and even humor. I could not do it (do you hear that, God? COULD NOT DO IT!). So many physical and emotional struggles to deal with day in and day out. All the "little things" now that his life is not in immanent danger. "Little things" like not being able to nurse him. Not being able to hear him since he can't cry because of a messed up vocal chord. Having to have someone by his bedside 24/7 since he is unable to cry (read: sleeping on a hard "couch" in the hospital room for weeks). Having to watch your other children struggle with all the upheaval and lack of normalcy. Watching your little one have all sorts of uncomfortable things pulled in and out of him and knowing that these are the least of his worries. Knowing that this is the long haul. You know, all those little things...
They are people of great faith and great thankfulness and are a witness to all of us. Joey's whole life, from conception until this very moment, points to an example of two followers of Christ truly living the Fiat and we are blessed to bear witness to it.