Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things that make me go 'hmmmm'.

That Thomas says "fart, fart, fart" with a big smile every time he passes gas and we all smile along with him but no one tells him to say excuse me.

When Cecilia came crawling into the bathroom covered in little white baby stickers from our Creighton NFP charting system. You got it baby, that was you.

Rosie figured out that we had "3 boys and 3 girls and one boy named Dodge" (the neighbor).

How I accidentally walked in on Anthony going to the bathroom today and he apparently goes number 2 crouching over the pot with his feet on the rim. So much for civilization...

That I got into my van yesterday and was immediately surrounded by a swarm of fruit flies. That combined with the trash and old chicken nuggets almost drove me to clean out the van but then...seriously, what's the point? I drive around a pack of savages. Cleaning is just the preamble to frustration. The silver lining to the whole fruit fly fiasco was that I remembered that I had a bushel of apples from the orchard in the back of the car and managed to rescue them.

Sorry for the long absence, I've been informed that it's been 6.7 weeks since I've posted. I guess that when life is fullest the blog is emptiest. I want to be better about posting because Lord knows I'm not going to remember any of this without the blog. But it's worth remembering so it's worth writing down. Thanks for visiting! It's nice to hear from folks and know that you are enjoying this life along with me. It [life] is always funnier or more profound when it's in writing then when it's taking off it's diaper and running out into the front yard so it's good to have the impetus of sharing it with you to get it down on paper. Hope to be back soon but I try not to promise anything because that's how I roll.