Thursday, August 21, 2008

August - the Dog Days

I have been praying that I'll just wake up one morning and this month will be over. There are many, many stressful things about August for the Loves. But at some point this week I woke up and, lo and behold, I had actually slept. WHICH means that a. I have insurance and will not be paying for this baby over the next 5 years b. we furnished the guest-room, even in the middle of an income gap c. David has finished his syllabi and is feeling a lot more confident - which makes my life a lot happier too d. I found a grocery store that I feel at home in.
This last point may seem small but it really helped me figure out why this is such a hard transition. It's not that things here are better or worse, they are just different. And I've been walking around generally thinking, "OK, this has been an adventure. I'm ready to go home now." It's not that I don't like Wal-mart but see, I never shopped at Wal-mart before and so now that I have to it throws me off. Everything is so different! I just broke down in tears last week while waiting to see my new OB because even though he's very nice and all the practice is VERY different then my doc's at home. Every time I've gone in there I've had to do deep breathing just to keep my anxiety level manageable (obviously the day of tears shows that it was still not entirely manageable). And the hospital! I have it on good authority that the staff is wonderful and it's a good hospital So different. And you have to drive to get to anything familiar.
But yesterday (after driving almost an hour to go to Borders) I was almost home and decided to stop at the Food Lion in the next town over. I'm in love. It's like Busch's but with Kroger's prices and mainly, it feels right. It feels familiar and the people who shop there and the staff seem familiar. And it's not an hour away, it's just 5 minutes down the highway. I can do that.
It turns out that at this stage of my life, I like chain-stores. I like them. It's like going to mass in a foreign country - it's always the same, even if the language is different. I also like a lot of the little local places here but right now it just makes me feel foreign.
Anyway, this post's main point is that it has been a really, really, REALLY stressful 3 weeks since moving but yesterday I had a little glimmer of emotional hope that this is going to get better. I'm going to find places and people where I'm comfortable (thank you Food Lion!) and I'm going to get used to driving places to get the services that I need (and all the drives around here are really beautiful and relaxing - gorgeous mountains and no traffic!). It's getting better...I think that my "Dog Days" are finally over. I've slept well for 3 days in a row now (and by "well" I mean that I was able to go back to sleep after all 4 times that I had to get up to pee) and that's a good sign.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Maybe I'm crazy or maybe I'm just wrong about my due date but I really don't feel as pregnant as I remember feeling the last couple times I was this pregnant. I keep reading these little blurbs in the preggers-books about how I should be so uncomfortable and swollen and generally miserable but, I'm not really. I'm thinking that it's part the fact that the stress and distraction of moving and having no health insurance yet have resulted in my gaining less then I did for the other pregnancies - just slightly above normal this time around. And second part would be expectations. I just did this last year, you know? I remember this time. There was no unrealistic expectations of what I would get done or how good I would feel - it sucks and I remember it. Either way, I'm very happy to not be am I insightful.

(This is the most recent pregnant picture I have. I did have shorts on, despite appearances. This is my friend Kate - also pregnant - and me on taking a break with our twin girls on moving day.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I think that we can say that we are officially unpacked. There are a few more pictures to sort through to decide where they go and the bookcases could use a little organization but other then that there aren't any boxes left to unpack, the closets are organized and life is looking pretty good down here.
Life is good but very different so far. I hardly ever drive but when I do it's for at least 20 minutes. My doctor (and hospital) are 40 minutes away...this concerns me a little but perhaps we'll be inducing anyway. Except for my doctor's appointment this morning I hadn't gotten into my car since Friday morning. Lily used to hate the car but now she claps and squawks with joy whenever we get in. I think that cabin fever may set in every once in a while, even though the yard takes the edge off. Hopefully after the baby is born and we "start school" we'll do more planned activities.
Mass has been a great way to get out of the house and start out each day though and since we don't even have to get in the car to get there it's been almost obscenely easy to make it each day. The parish is not the same as good ol' CTK, that's for sure. There are 4 retired priests and 1 non-retired priest who does most of the pastoral work. One of the retired priests has taken it upon himself to accompany himself with a little bit of guitar strumming during daily mass. He strolls into mass, carrying a guitar to the altar. He then leans it against the presider chair where it sits until the Gospel acclamation. Here he picks it up, and plays and sings the Alleluia while walking across the sanctuary to the ambo. The guitar goes with him to the altar for the Eucharistic prayer where is leans against the altar until the Sanctus. He then picks it up and leads us all in a rousing chorus of Holy, Holy, Holy. Moses was beside himself laughing the first day of this. What do you tell your 3-year old about Fr. Sings-a-lot? Even he can tell that it's clearly absurd. Ah well. I'm not complaining, just reporting. I'm very, very grateful to be so close to the church, even though some things will take a bit of getting used to.
Moses has had a few funny little comments recently that I could share.
Mommy: We are going to go to a store called Walmart, to get some things for the house.
Moses: (puzzled) But...houses don't eat food, they are just houses.

Mommy: I am going to pray.
Moses: OK, I want to stay and hear you.
Mommy: Well, I'm not going to pray out loud, just quietly.
Moses: Oh (he taps my forehead). Are you going to pray in your forehead?

Mommy: It's almost time for a nap, bud. And we have to hurry because Lily and I are VERY tired and I want to take a nap too.
Moses: SOME people don't want to sleep two times, and are sad when Mommies and Lily's sleep.

Moses: Mommy, I take trains very seriously.
Well, isn't that the understatement of the century?

That's all for now folks, keep us in your prayers as we make it through this next month - it's a doozy!

Here are some pictures of our life in the new house for those of you who may be Love-child-hungry.There have been a lot of thunderstorms the last few days and the kids wanted to run and play in the proved a little too thunder-y for them to pull it off for very long though.
Here's Moses trying to keep his cast in his sleeve so it doesn't get wet. He's a maniac about keeping the cast dry and on. I think he takes doctor's very seriously.

Just before it all went bad...

The fun is done. Cruel to take a picture before comforting her? Well, that's probably why I am very clearly not the favorite parent.

The other night he had apparently been spying on us from the stairwell after bedtime and did such a good job that this was what we encountered when we went up to bed around 10:30.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Plugged In

It's happened. We are a fully functional house with cable (the Olympics included), internet and my radio installed under my kitchen cupboard. I can once again fill my days with my electronic friends.
Just wanted to say that we're back in business here at Love-central. I can (and will) return emails and check Facebook and post on the blog...sigh. It is a much appreciated distraction. OK, I'm going to do some other stuff online. Pictures of the move coming...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're here...home in MD

We have no internet so I am going to make this quick since Moses is talking the library lady's ear right off - of course about trains. Let's just say that I am here at the library because things in the internet world are NOT going Com-castically. Or perhaps they are. Some reputations are warranted.
We had a terrifically smooth move. The trip down went well with the biggest catastrophe were the multiple diaper leakages and oozes due to using Target brand diapers - if I ever get internet again I will be leaving a scathing review of their product on their site, thank you very much. Actually, I'm sure that I won't but it's nice to threaten.
Anyway, we were unloaded by 10:45 am on Saturday due to the tremendous help of a few local boyscouts who our realtor set us up with and of course the amazing help of a few friends from MD and a few friends from MI and my mom.
The unpacking is going well and I will post some pictures of our new digs eventually.
My calves are sore and have been for days since we went from living in a one-floor apartment to living in a three floor house where the children's bedrooms are 25 stairs up. I'm excited about how good it will be for my legs and my baby weightloss...
Speaking of baby - I have meetings with the doctor and with the state and I am doing my best to get the best medical coverage for this birth so I'd appreciate any little prayers sent up over the next week for that. It would be nice to save for a house of our own instead of paying off the baby over the next year.
OK, I've pushed the library lady far enough...sorry for the brevity and lack of details.
We are very happy here - LOVE the house and that yard! And LOVE the people - I think that I've said about 20 times per day, "the people are just so nice". Except, of course, the Comcast people. OK, hopefully talk to you soon!