Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moses' List for Wednesday Morning, June 10th

Play with mommy a lot
Play with daddy a lot
Eat Cheerios with honey
Play with Gus
Make a new train track (we need a different switch first)
Have orange juice
Play with bubbles in the yard
Read books with mommy
Read the books from Mass that I didn't finish
Play baseball with daddy
Play the letter-game on the computer [ed. http://www.starfall.com/]
Say "gagaga" to Gus
Say "ba ba boo" to Gus
And play peekaboo with Gus
"Mommy, please write, 'Moses is very happy to see Vid at Len's Cabin. And also, Moses likes Len's Cabin"
Make towers with Thomas and he will knock them down.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

You can take the Love out of Detroit but...

you can't take Detroit out of the Love

C'mon WINGS! Don't disappoint this little face!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Coxsackie, OUT!

We are very nearly done with this stinking hand, foot and mouth extravaganza. Moses is still on lots of ibuprofen (especially when his parents both administer a dose without informing the other one, oops) but he is eating a lot of oatmeal and tonight we had a major breakthrough for both kids.
Non-pureed food - and look at those smiles :)! You can't see the lump in my throat but believe me, it's there. It's just so wonderful to see them finally not hungry and able to enjoy the food. Lily kept saying, "this cheese very good." And Moses, our non-food-loving child, ate three pieces of pizza before I had finished my one. Poor hungry dears.
Now that they are moving on from Coxsackie Gus and Lily both have colds and coughs, fresh new ones. Oh yea. But hey, at least they can eat!

Oh, and since we've been stuck at home we decided to potty-train Lily once she started to feel a little better. The first day we had no pee accidents but she pooped on her bed, in the toy room and, to my great chagrin, in the middle of the driveway. But today she made it through the whole day with no accidents and with her new princess panties on. Tomorrow we try pants. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time for Bed...

You know you need more sleep (and shouldn't have stayed up to listen to the Red Wings game online) when...
you head up to bed with a banana because you know you won't be able to go to sleep without eating something...
then you see your cell phone and remember to plug it it...
but you can't figure out for the life of you where to plug the cord in...
and you suddenly realize you are trying to plug it into the banana.
Good night.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Down for the Count

All three of the Lovelettes have Coxsackie (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease). If you are not familiar with it, be grateful. It causes high fevers and very painful sores in the mouth. Poor Lily hasn't really eaten anything (a bite of popsicle or ice cream here or there) for 4 days now. The worst part is that she is SO hungry now that her fever's gone but the sores make it impossible for her to eat anything. It is so heartbreaking to watch her take a big bite of biscuit only to spit it out, grab her tongue crying that it "howts my tum!" Or to watch her get so excited about eating corn but then sob pitifully, "howts too much".

We have a toddler bed in the middle of the living room for whoever is feeling sickest at the moment and we are on a continuous drip of ibuprofen, tylenol, benedryl, malox and PBS. Gus is nearly over it - today seemed like a real turning point for him. As I mentioned, Lily has it the worst so far but I'm thinking she must be towards the end. Moses is at the beginning so his throat hurts but he can still eat some things (popsicles, pudding, yogurt, etc.) - his problem is that even with tylenol/ibuprofen his fever is nearly 103.

This whole thing is wiping us all out. David and I haven't slept for a couple weeks either because right before this we had some cold/ear infection episodes. And when they don't sleep don't nobody sleep.

Then there's the house. The other child. The child who is terribly dirty and uncontrollable. Even this kid keeps me up at night since our radiators clatter and clang every morning around 3:30 a.m.

All this to say that life is good. I'm grateful for a house of my own where I can let things fall apart without wondering if the evil landlady is going to stop by and question my sense of responsibility. I'm grateful for modern medicine, and since that's not working so great for us, I'm glad to know that this virus usually just lasts a week. I'm very grateful for a TV and really boring, old railroad movies that you couldn't pay me to watch but keep some happy. And I'm so, so, so grateful for the special surprise package that came in the mail today with gifts for me and my two sickest kids. Train puzzles, glittery red shoes, and the most gorgeous aprons that I've ever seen. SAVED.THE.DAY. And made us all feel loved. And sometimes when you are far away from the family and friends who would come and clean your house for you when all of your kids are sick getting an apron in the mail makes everything better. To quote one of our movie-friends from earlier today, "just a spoonful of sugar...".