Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pet Peeves– “Going Digital”

Rant in progress…

1. All the binging. While you may need to know the very second that you’ve been emailed or Facebooked or tweeted I do not. One word: vibrate.
2. Here’s a sample conversation that drives me nuts. NC = Not Connected  GD = Gone Digital
NC 1: I haven’t been out with my husband in a long time.
NC 2: I hear ya, sista’! The last time we went out was when Spider Man II came out. So a few years ago.
GD: (Pulls out a small electronic device and retreats into silence for about 1.5 minutes)
NC 1: Well, it hasn’t been that long for us but it’s about time we get out. Oh! I was talking to Susann the other day and she told me about this sale -
GD:  2004.
NC 1 and 2: Huh?
GD: Spider Man II – 2004.
Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
3. Doing things fake that should be done real. If you have hours to play Guitar Hero just LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR!
4. Apple in general. I’m a proletariat and PC is good enough for me.

I say all this as a personal warning to myself because I am getting an Ipad2 for my 30th birthday from the Love Doctor! And therefore am in serious danger of becoming my own worst enemy. But danger is the way to live! Any iphone/ipad app suggestions? I still have 8 days to wait and I’m just dying!