Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Train Movie

A Review of While You Were Sleeping, by Moses, with Alia

I have rarely been as moved by a Train Movie as I am by While You Were Sleeping. The story begins when Peter gets pushed onto The Tracks of the "El" in Chicago. My pulse never fails to quicken as I watch the train coming down the tracks, blaring it's beautiful signal. Never mind that I have watched this movie a dozen times over the last month. My mother shares a love of this movie with me and so allows me to indulge in it often, although I believe that she may enjoy it for a different set of reasons.
Th centrality of the El to the movie is something that impresses itself upon me. Bullock is often seen exiting the train to visit Peter in the hospital, there is the confusion regarding the pregnancy at the station, and obviously Jack proposes at the station. But the crowning moment of all is when they ride off to their honeymoon in the caboose. I hope that someday I will find a woman who will share this dream of mine and we will, together, ride off in our own caboose.
I have often been overheard commenting that this is now my favorite movie and I would have to confirm these reports. This is because I love "trains without faces" - trains, hard at work in the everyday lives of people. People without family during the holidays. People in comas who may or may not be engaged to married women. People who love creamy mashed potatoes. People falling in love. Ahhh. I simply cannot get enough. But sadly, my days of enjoying adult cinema may be at an end because, innocent as this movie may seem, my mother did catch me chasing my sister around yesterday, shouting, "Come here! You one-balled bastard!"
I don't know why this quotation is causing a change of heart in her willingness to allow me to view this movie, she seemed to find it immensely amusing.
In the final analysis, I would have to give this holiday movie two-thumbs up.

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