Saturday, June 26, 2010

Joey Update 6/26/10

Sorry for the sudden drop off in updates. Hopefully you were able to keep up with Kate on her blog or on Facebook. We went on vacation under the impression that we would have internet access but there was none. We were able to keep in touch with the Trammas via cell phone which was important but were not able to pass on the information.
So, in case you were relying on me for information, here it is, much delayed.
Joey had a very risky surgery to open up the valve that was reducing blood flow to his body and compromising the proper functioning of his organs. It was SUCCESSFULL!!! Very important and very exciting.
They waited for his lungs to dry out (?) and then successfully weaned him off of the life support. YAY!
He is receiving his mother's milk via feeding tube and digesting it. YAY!
He breathes 90% on his own and the breathing tube does the other 10% when needed. It is mostly needed when he is getting upset. Over the next few days they will hope to get him breathing entirely on his own.
He also had some withdrawal symptoms from the narcotic painkillers and will be on methadone while the wean him off the pain killers.
He will have the another surgery again in a few months to open that valve up as he grows and needs more blood but the older he gets the less risky it becomes.
It's a marathon but thank God for the marathon. Modern medicine and prayers are a beautiful combination. Thank you so much for your prayers and sacrifices. Keep them up for the Trammas who will be on this road for a long time.

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