Friday, August 13, 2010

Van Etiquette

We are having our "week-off" between roadtrips. Roadtrips with a screaming banshee - even more accurately described as a Nazgul. This is just one HECK of a year to travel 3,884 miles. Thomas is at the worst age for traveling and among children of this age he is the worst. Ever. It's sort of like strapping a canon ball into a 5-point harness and then lighting the fuse and watching the fireworks. For 5 hours. Or 9 hours. Or 14 hours. And then throw in a couple of over-packed "vacation" days with late nights trying to sleep in foreign quarters and a return trip with 14 more hours of Nazgul-canon-ball-Thomas and what you end up with is a spilled-sour-milk smelling, chicken nugget rotting (I'm pretty sure those don't actually rot though. Which leads me to wonder if they are even digestible...ewww) van littered with bits of ripped up books and melted crayons. Not to mention the crushed bags and boxes that are evidence of the aforementioned McD stops. Or the box of CDs into which a milkshake spilled and covered the CDs which, of course, were not in cases.
This is why I am giving you this piece of van etiquette: When getting into someones child-carting mini-van just keep your eyes forward. They will appreciate your discretion.


  1. So sorry about the nazgul, though it is a very good description :) I'm praying canon-ball Thomas has a case of unexplained sleeping all day in the car for you. Can't wait to see you.

  2. Gracie is 18 months. I never thought it was possible for that sort of decibel level to come out of a person who weighs 25lbs. Went against a 2 sworn oaths. Bought a DVD player for the car (oath #1), and bought a Dora DVD (oath #2). What can I say? It was my sanity on the line.

  3. Yes! Discretion! I share your after-road-trip-van-disaster-scene sentiments. Well put :)