Friday, November 5, 2010


Yesterday was an epically successful day. The list of accomplishments included:

  • Did all the laundry. Every stitch of clothes, every sheet, every towel. ALL THE LAUNDRY. I don’t even want to tell you how many loads. AND folded it. AND put it away.
  • Did all the grocery shopping. We were at the point of having been without bread and milk for several days so you know what that shopping trip looked like. John alone. With all four kids.
  • Cleaned the house. Did a Blitz (or, as I prefer to call it, a “reallocation of goods”), and bathrooms, floors, changed sheets, disinfected mattresses, and all the other weekly stuff. ALSO – organized a closet and a desk and rearranged some furniture.
  • Did some school.

This is like, 2 weeks worth of accomplishments in my household of many mess-makers and few mess-cleaners. But we did it. We have a fresh start today.
We need a fresh start. This last month and a half I’ve been dragging around here at maybe 50% and this past week sunk down to about 30%. It was just not working. Everything was going to you-know-where and it wasn’t even in a pretty hand basket.
I woke up yesterday feeling like a new woman but then I looked around me and realized that just catching up was going to deplete all my resources. So I came up with the plan. I did a good top to bottom (not including the basement…shudder) clean of the house while my "mother's helper" played with the kids and read books to them.
I loaded up all the dirty clothes from the last 3 weeks (no one had any underwear left. Let alone other clean clothes) and sheets from visitors and sleeping bags that had been peed in and damp towels that had been festering. Try not to imagine the smell. Loaded them up in the van. After work John dropped me off with my laundry, many quarters, Chinese for dinner and he took all the kids to the grocery store with a detailed list. While he was placating them with loads of surgery treats I filled up 1/2 of the washers with our laundry and watched days and days of continuous laundry tasks get accomplished in about 2 hours.
So now, instead of spending all next week getting caught up from my bad month I can just start fresh. Fresh and thankful for a good life. A healthy-ish body, a crazy but enjoyable family, a cozy home, a fridge full of food and a heavy but manageable work load to keep it all going.


  1. HOORAY!!! SOOO happy for you! Thank God for a good reset-- now I want one :D Love you.

  2. WOW! Thanks for explaining how you did it all b/c I was definitely thinking you had magically turned into Super-Woman: how on earth does one do ALL the laundry, clean, AND grocery shop all in one day. Ahhh...maybe not super-woman, but definitely Genius-Woman! Way to go!!!

  3. what a great idea Alexis. i am impressed.

  4. So NOW I have read the blog post, and though I heard the same story from you last night, there's always something wonderful about "reading" your stories. SO happy that you have such a fresh start!!! (Can I be your official "anonymous" commenter?)

  5. WOW! Thats a lot to get done in one week, nevermind one day! You go girl! And I hope you are feeling well :)

  6. You are a GENIUS. Laundry-mat... would have never thought of it... GENIUS I SAY!

    What I want to know is what gave you the inspiration for your "fresh start"? Just got fed up with 30% Alexis? Was it a God thing? A medication thing? Perhaps you stepped on that LAST cheerio and just lost it. These are the things I wonder Lex.

  7. Wow...can I say that I am totally impressed and super happy for you! It sure feels good to have all that done, doesn't it? I am in need of a re-boot day over here too. Thanks for inspiring me and making me smile.
    Love to you and yours, Kathleen from WA