Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Santa...

[Yes. Anthony still writes a letter to Santa every two weeksish. Usually it's a letter for the whole family. Here's tonights example. He's recently discovered exclamation marks. Sometimes he's so sweet and funny - My favorite is the section that he wrote for John.]

Christmas List


Dear Santa I want a doll with cloths and a bed with a pillow and bat and boll and a stroller to go with it. A boock about prinsusis and a agnas sait costyom (Agnus saint costume) with a lalb (lamb - funny that he remembered the 'b' at the end but didn't get the 'm'). And a new ester bascit (Easter baskit) with prinsusis all over it. And more!


I want a ship as lon (long) as me. And I want a video game that I can be a race car driver and race other race car driver's lice (like) the one at the Fredric Chuce Cheeses except that myn will be on the TV. and I want some camaflosh aremy pants and army shirt and an army coat. And I want a boa and arose (a bow and arrows) like the one at Walmart. And I want a lot of sords and alot of guns and sheld's to go with the sords. and lots more presents!!!!!!


Thomas wants some cow some hores and some sheep and some geese and a tracter and a big barn.


CeCe wood lik some new baby toys and some new cloths and lots more.


Momy just wants us to feel happy. She just want CeCe to have new cloths..........


Dady is the same way except that he go's to he wants to have new boocs about Jesuse and other saints.....


By Anthony Love

[For the record Santa, while I do want everyone to feel happy I also wouldn't mind if you dropped an ipad and maybe a pair on binoculars under my tree. The End. By Alexis Love]


  1. I love this! What a sweet boy. I love his little "and lots more" at the end of the lists. hehe.

  2. Hahaha I love it!!! And I love that he knows you just want people to be happy. How awesome is that? And that daddy mostly wants that, but wants those books about Jesus and the saints too :) heh heh heh. This makes my day. Well, the letter and the sweet boy!

  3. Oh oh oh, i am nursing A to sleep reading this and trying so hard not to laugh at the "hores!"-- this is truly a great letter!!!

  4. Santa Letters in April---Classic.