Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh incongruity, thy name is vacation

What a morning in Jamaica looks like

What a morning at home looks like

The company I kept in Jamaica

The company that keeps me at home

My surroundings in Jamaica
My surroundings at home
The real me is back to my real life. Re-entry is definitely causing some whiplash but ultimately regular life will be enhanced and brought into clearer vision after such a complete and clear break from it for a few days. Incongruous though that may seem.
And in the interest of full-disclosure the pictures of vacation-Love-life are in real-time but the pictures of homebound-Love-life are figurative. The laundry was all clean and folded when I got home, thanks to the over-the-top care that my mom and sister-in-law took of the kids and house while we lived like rock-stars in Ocho Rios. Thanks and gratitude can not be overstated!


  1. Looks like a great time in Jamaica! Isn't it wonderful how a little time away puts it all in perspective! Gotta love those "once in a lifetime" trips!

  2. Oh Alexis I am sooo happy for you it makes me want to cry. Your pics at home life are hilarious! I just love all of them, talk about motherhood at its finest! You look amazingly skinny and beautiful in those Jamaica shots! This is my favorite, favorite blog post ever.

  3. Fabulous! You guys totally needed that after your whirlwind 7 years of non-stop parenting!! Can't wait to see you and hear all about it! I will bask in your glow :)

  4. Looks so awesome. So glad you got to go. And that you're home again, taking on the real world after being waited on, spoiled, and getting in some needed relaxation. Excellent. Oh and next time I'm going with you... ;)

  5. You owe me...If it wasn't for the amazing George Foreman grill and burger meat I would have eaten my socks. Just kidding--- about you owing me.