Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holidays–here we come!

We have had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and are now jumping into Advent, excited and full of energy! Well, the energy part is limited to particular members of the household but that is no big change. The weather and break conspired to make a perfect yard work weekend. And after a full year of the weather conspiring against me (wet and cold spring – hot and dry summer – Fall started out wet but is ending lovely) I feel like the seasons may actually be worth paying attention to again. DSC_0790

A surprising harvest – seeds accidentally spilled by Rosie gave us some very cool looking carrots.


Yes, this is a broccoli plant that is significantly taller then Anthony.


Babes in wheelbarrows. Too sweet.


And less cute - we have the Guillotine version.


Good night garden…see you again in March!

Today we brought up the Christmas books, advent wreathe, and crèche scene. We MADE our candles from a kit that a dear friend gave to us. It was really special. The kids jammed out to Jingle Bells and Joy to the World via the electric keyboard as we purpled the place up – very klassy.
Rosie and Thomas ended the evening up taking Christmas into their own hands since I had to break the news that Santa was not coming tonight.


Here you see Rosie dressed up as a Christmas Tree and Thomas donning a lady’s red blouse and a doll diaper-bag upside down on his head placing “gifts” under the “tree”.
But my favorite part of the night by far was when a stray Christmas stocking migrated up with the Advent things and Thomas saw it and exclaimed, “Look! It’s a Treat-Sock!”
Rosie immediately corrected him but the rest of us are doing our best to correct the correction. We need to milk these things as long as possible – Christmas always makes me realize how quickly this part of life is passing us by. So Treat-Sock it is!
Hope that you are also having a great start to the Holidays!


  1. Excellent post. Needed to see those faces! I miss you all. Happy Advent!

  2. The pictures are wonderful!!! I love the treat-sock! Yesterday, Rachael called a toy stuffed turkey a "farm bird".

  3. How was the candle making kit? I was going to buy one at the end of the season this year but was wondering if it was too ambitious. Is it something the kids and participate in? Is it this kit?

  4. This is the kit. Its really easy, actually. Wee heated the wax sheets up with a hairdryer and i let the kids hold it, otherwise. They still loved it and felt like they participated.