Friday, December 9, 2011

This moment…

Thomas has toothpaste smeared all over his belly and hair mixed with snot all over his face because he screamed the whole haircut long. He peed all over the couch and Anthony because I forgot to change his nighttime diaper and he overflowed. But the coup de gras is the newly cut hair (from 6 heads) and the dumped out rice (thank you rosie) missed together and spread to all four corners of the first floor (that, of course, is the price you pay taking the time to get the haircuts done)…and the vacuum cleaner is broken.
What to do? It looks like I should sit and eat chips and Hershey kisses, watch reruns of reruns and leave the lunchmeat and mayo on the counter to grow things. Ah…the good life.


  1. Oh my... I guess the silver lining is that neither hair nor rice are toxic? Maybe? Just keep reminding yourself that this moment is growing you in holiness, whether you want it to or not :) I hope you get a fixed vacuum soon!!

  2. Hang in there pal. Toothpaste is good for the skin, rice keeps mice away, snot stimulates the follicles, i heard vacuum cleaners give you cancer, chips and Hershey Kisses together make anti-aging potion and T.V. shows are always better the third/fourth time around... but you better take care of that mayo... :)

  3. They say that human hair keeps away rodents. Urine too. A mouse free winter for you! Sorry - that was the only silver lining I could dig up!


  4. So... I asked Santa for a new vacuum just for you. And I'm sorely behind on my Love-mayhem. Sadness. I wish I was there for every minute of this... and Rosie screaming "I want you out. of. my room." in the middle of the night too. Acck.. It has been much too long. Can't wait to see you at Christmas :)