Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shopping Vignette

Yesterday we did our Costco/Aldi/Movie trip to The Big City. We generally start with a movie and then do the shopping afterwards. It’s always a bit of a rush getting out of the house on time. This time Thomas made it out without having had a lot of supervision spared on him. He was dressed in vintagey blue and white plaid fun-hop-bounce-ball-with-handleoverall-shorts, sandals, and his trusty black suit jacket. This is the same black suit jacket which I let him wear to bed last Friday night, along with the pants but without a shirt. Of any sort.
So he came down last Saturday morning into the midst of 4 woman lingering after Bible Study. And accompanying his bare chest and suit was a large plastic black cross from Anthony’s pirate costume. To make matters worse he had a bright yellow pacifier and came bouncing in on one of those balls with a handle.
He looked like a paci-wielding pimp riding a bouncy blue steed.
Today he was quite a sight at the movie theater in his cross between Southern baby and Northern CEO – desperately holding on and guarding his three pacifiers. And then at our last stop, Costco, he started pulling out fake food from all sorts of places. He must have squirrelled it away somehow/somewhere. First it was a donut that he was chucking in front of himself and running to fetch. Next was 3 plastic chicken nuggets which he kept referring to as treats. And when Rosie got her finger rolled over by the cart (don’t ask) he consoled her with a plastic piece of pizza that he had tucked away somewhere.
Thomas’ curious dress and behavior were matched only by Cecilia as she got pushed around in the baby seat of the cart – lounging sideways, head leaned up against the right side of the cart – one leg hanging off the opposite side of the cart and the other leg dangling over the handle and kicking unconcernedly as she daintily fed herself from a sample container filled with Jelly-Bellys.
Children are entertaining.


  1. Every college student should have a blog like this to show the adventure that is parenting. I feel like I have some secret hipster periodical that keeps me up on the truly indy: family :)