Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nursery Redo…at long last!

I distinctly remember saying, “Well, this will be the first room we redo if we buy this house!” while we were looking at it for the first time. We have since painted and redone the kitchen, dining room, living room, “office”, master bedroom, boys bedroom, girls bedroom and turned the attic into a finished living space. Typing that out makes me a lot less badly about letting the nursery go for so long and for housing two babies in the dark and dank corner bedroom.

Removing just THIS much wallpaper took me upwards of three hours. So, we opted to wallpaper OVER it.

Ahhh…fox hunting. Just what you want every baby to dream about. Good night moon, good night room, goodnight foxes, goodnight soxes. Good night hunters, good night nobody, goodnight mush…obviously.
While the men of house commenced our first (and last!) wallpapering event I sat in this rocking chair (the chair my dad and grandma bought for my mom when she had me…she gave it to me when I had Anthony).
and read them this book. As you can, hopefully see, it’s a bead board textured wallpaper

And finally!

This is where I’m going to set up the pool for the water birth. That way I can focus on the things that matter…The pictures of my babies (reminders that there IS actually a reward at the end of labor) and…
And the WAY to get to that prize…death always leads to life.

And the bassinet that each of my babies has used is all bleached and ready to go again…

Here we have a couple ultrasound pictures, the teeniest, tiniest diapers ever (!) and one new outfit. Because every baby should have an outfit with tags still on it.

And below is the onsie and hat that will go with the outfit…can not wait to see if we will be using the blue or the pink!

Many, many towels for clean up and in and out of the pool. Sixty “car wash rags” from Costco for $20…best deal for a homebirth ever!

The view of the backyard and bench for the spectators…

ONESIES and HATS. One of my favorite parts of “nesting” is pulling out the bleach and bleaching the heck out of old, used, loved onsies.

I love this vintage baptismal gown.

Here’s the “supplies” for the homebirth. Everything from gauze and chuck's pads to bendy straws and calcium chews. The midwives bring the oxygen and medicines…I just order the “kit” they plan out.
Anthony MosesDSC_0833
Rosemary Emmanuella
Thomas Augustine
DSC_0835Cecilia NoelDSC_0836
And there is an empty frame just waiting for the first baby to sleep in the “new nursery”.  AND I definitely am looking forward to giving birth in such a lovely, peaceful space. Putting the '”home” in “homebirth!”


  1. you have created an amazing nursery. i especially love the white color scheme and the photos of your babies. it looks so cozy and well thought out. i love it! i can't wait to hear how the home birth goes.

  2. LOVE IT!!! no pun intended.

    it looks AWESOME!

  3. Glad to see your new nursery, and how you have prepared the space for the birth as well. Thinking of you a lot these days and praying all goes well.

  4. Lovely transformation! It does look very peaceful indeed. Perfect timing for your homebirth. We are doing a home birth this time as well. I'm not quite as prepared as you though! You're a pro now and I'm wondering why my midwife needs two boxes of ziplock bags and all the other stuff they had on the list- and that's not even included in the "birthing kit" that I had to order. Jeesh.

  5. Beautiful!! You are so good at creating warm, homey spaces! Can't wait to meet the new Lovelette! Praying for safe and satisfying birth :)

  6. Wow! Thanks for this post, Alexis! So beautiful, you have such great taste, as always, and great guys to get the job done (hurray for Anthony!). We are so happy Catherine is here. She has a lovely space. Hope you can put some pictures on the blog soon.... although I admit, you have more important things to do. Maybe you can let Thomas do a guest post on your behalf?
    What are the calcium chews for? Paige

  7. LOVE! the white. You guys did a great job. I also love the sweet photo touches of the kids. Precious.