Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Build Up in Pictures - Part 1


Our 13th anniversary was the day we found out we were heading to England for the year. Lucky 13 for us. 
After dinner we headed headed directly to the used bookstore and to the travel section. 

Came home with a healthy load of evening reading.

The next day John came home with this awesome bird's eye view of our year - including lists of our kid's name-places to visit, family history places to visit, lists of literature to read. We are more or less sticking to these broad outlines.

Next came the Sabbatical Proposal. Turned it it and wait. 

Request approved!

The official invitation from Blackfriars, Oxford. It's all coming together!!!

Buying the airline tickets! Dulles to Reykjavik, Iceland (with a stop for fun) and on to London, England. 

Planning our roadtrip. Dover, Calais, Normandy, Lisieux, Giverny, Paris, Waterloo, Brussels, Amsterdam, Harlem, Rhine River, Bavaria, Salzburg, Gaming, Vienna, Krakow, Venice, Milan, Switzerland, Nevers (we are hoping to do Rome and other Italy in the Spring) and finally land safely in Oxford. Six weeks. One van. Three suitcases. Eight Loves. Unlimited awesome. 

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  1. This is the best! You two are so cute. I bet this has been really good for your marriage. . . planning, dreaming, and thanking God together.