Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Alaskan Cruise - Day 1

ALASKA!!!! We are back and let me tell you. The only thing wrong with that trip is that it didn't go on forever. I could have used at least a month there. Someday, God willing, I will go back and do more and stay longer. It is an absolutely stunning and overwhelmingly breathtaking place to see. I keep looking around at my familiar (and loved) places here at home and thinking about how much richer it all is now that I know that this is the same world that has Alaska in it. I guess I always KNEW but seeing is believing, as they say. Did you know that Alaska’s last Aleutian islands are actually further West then Hawaii and also cross into the Eastern Hemisphere making Alaska both the most Western and most Eastern state. And there more Alaska trivia where that came from, no fear!

Day One - Vancouver’s Stanley Park

After another visit to Tim Horton’s we bussed our way down to Vancouver’s famous Stanley Park (top left peninsula. The entire park is surrounded by water.) 

There is a gorgeous Seawall that we walked around for miles. 

I took this picture mainly because I crack up at boat gas stations. They make me laugh. I don't know why.

There was quite a haul of sea life left over from the tide. Beachcombing was very profitable for our treasure hunters. 

Thomas's first view of the Pacific Ocean (and mine, Anthony, Rosie, Cece, Catherine and Glo Glo's)

But there were also amazing woodsy hikes.

The SIZE of these trees. 

And the gardens were gorgeous. Especially the rose garden. 

PURPLE roses. Very purple.
By this time we were REALLY tired. The seawall surrounding this park is 9 kilometers long. We did not walk all of it. Also, we immediately started regretting not bring a stroller for Gloria. We continued regretting this until halfway through the cruise we figured out that you can borrow one (for FREE!) from the ship. Glory, Glory, Gloria!

And here are just a couple of glimpses of the mountains that we were to spend the next 7 days surrounded by.

We took a city bus back to the hotel and made our way onto the ship. That sentence makes it seems like it was simple. Don't be fooled. 

This picture makes it seem like it was simple. Don't be fooled.

But make it we did and then we had a rockin' Sail Away Dance Party complete with Micky and Minnie visits. 

And once you are on a Disney Cruise you are truly on vacation. Let me give you parents out there a little taste for what I mean. Your children order 6 meals at dinner. The meals get distributed. You take a swig of your drink turn to help them out and! Lo and behold! These ultra-servers have CUT YOUR CHILDREN'S FOOD. Cut the children's food. I don't need to cut the children's food. For a WEEK! Yes, that sound you heard was my giant sigh of relief. Not only that, but John was bouncing a fussy infant on his lap when his steak was served and the next thing he knew they had cut his food so he could eat his steak with one hand. These people are professionals in knowing how to turn a trip into a vacation for parents. It's almost miraculous after 12 years of taking trips instead of vacations. I literally got tears in my eyes when I realized that those people are also there to make sure that John and I had a great time too. I might be a little tired ;).

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  1. Wow, they really DO know how to take care of everyone! Cutting your food. That's amazing.