Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Grocery Store Lingo

I've never considered myself the linguist of the family. David's family has several accomplished language-learners and he takes after them but I have never had the knack for communicating in any other language then English. I had to teach middle schoolers English Grammar this past year and that about did me in so you can imagine me trying to learn some other language. That being said, recently I have felt myself to be quite the expert in a brand new language - it's definitely an immersion technique to be stuck in a house with a 2 1/2 year old all day.
Today on a trip to the grocery store I took special note of some of the translations...

Moses Speak: Oh! Wadeed hoc! Oh yes! Wucky Addy!
English Translation: Oh! Chocolate milk! Oh yes! Lucky Moses!

Moses Speak: WeezWeez, baback!
English Translation: Lily, pasta!

Moses Speak: No mommy, no pishy
English Translation: No mommy, that's not fish (in reply to my trying to teach him the name of the of the flounder that I bought)

Moses Speak: Mommy! Pishy!
English Translation: Mommy! Fishy (refering to a box of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish)

Moses Speak: Lellew hoc, mommy?
English Translation: Yellow milk, mommy? (in reference to the Orange Juice that I bought - the kind that comes in the same type of half-gallon jug that the milk comes in)

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