Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Spiral Staircase

I often feel as if I am not making any progress on the path towards deeper Christ-likeness. Just when I think I have broken out of a pattern of vice and sin and walked some distance away from it down the path to Christ-likeness I find myself back in the same place and I realize that I have not walked straight down the path, I have just walked around in a circle and am back where I started. Obviously, this is usually a demoralizing realization.
I had this same experience recently and it had a different effect on me because I suddenly saw it in a different light. This "path to holiness" appeared less like a straight path (the straight and narrow path) and more like a spiral staircase where you pass the same basic scenery over and over again but if you are making progress then the scenery gets farther and farther away as you get higher up.
God "knitted me together" with a particular personality, a personality that has certain tendancies and will have those tendancies till the day I die - and beyond, I suppose. Those tendancies are all two sides of a coin - one good side and one bad side. So, it makes sense that I will pass the same sort of temptations and sins throughout the course of my life on earth - the key is to keep going up and not get sidetracked by the monotony of the scenery. It seems that when I keep my eyes looking up then I will not notice the same temptations being thrown at me over and over again - I will just notice how much closer Christ looks from this height then it did last time I went past this side of the spiral. Here hoping...

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