Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Boy

The quotable Mo

At Mass, looking through the cryroom window during the consecration:
I see the Lord! [Wow, I think to myself. I'm raising a mystic.] Look, the Lord is praying!

I like Grandma. She's a fun, fun, fun, fun kid. No. She's a fun, fun, fun, fun muvver.

Me: You know what Moses? My throat hurts.
Moses: Oh mommy. You want me to rub it?

On the way home from a Halloween Party.
David: You spent a lot of time with ____.
Me: Yeah, I invited her and she didn't know many people
Moses: I invited her, too.
Me: I met her on the Women's Retreat.
Moses: I met her on retreat, too.
Moses: What was that?
Me: I forgot about the stop sign and I had to stop quickly!
Moses: I had to stop quickly too...........(long pause) was your fault mommy.

Moses: Mom! There's a Haro-o-opter.
Me: Oh! You're right - there's a helipcopter!
Moses: No! It's a Harold-the-copter! [who knew Harold's last name was copter?]

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