Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kid Glib

Get a load of that. I've been cracking up at this picture all day. I don't know what I like most, the look on her face, the gut or the pants she insisted on rolling up.

I should really post something deep and insightful soon (ha!). It's becoming a little glib around here but I thought that until I have a deep thought worth sharing that I'd just leave you with another Love-child moment - had this morning.

Daddy: Lily, do you want to be a stock-broker?
Lily: Uh huuuhhhhh.
Daddy: Do you want to be a lawyer?
Lily: Uh huuuuhhhhh.
Daddy: Do you want to be a doctor?
Lily: A gocter!
Daddy: Do you want to be a garbage man?
Lily: No!

I don't think that she'll reach any of her lofty goals with revealing pictures of her like this one floating around on the net. She and Michael Phelps - done in at such a young age by the candid camera. Better get used to the stench of garbage, darlin'.

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