Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quick Takes, been too long version

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm not the most consistent blogger out there. Sometimes there are too many posts and it's annoying to have to "catch up" and other times people are thinking, "just throw me a bone here. I faithfully check, the least you could do it throw a picture up!" Here's a bone, just for you. Even the dogs get the scraps, right?

This lack of consistency is due to my newly discovered Sanguine side. I have long thought that I was a Choleric-Melancholic. This has always nagged me for a couple reasons. 1. I really hated thinking of myself as a combination of the two most intense, least likable, least humorous temperament types. 2. I have always had a certain inconsistency and lack of follow-through that I felt was a disgrace to all Cholerics out there and it made me hang my head in shame when around other Cholerics. Plus, I like earth tones and have been known in the past to indulge in long flowy skirts and wear Birkenstocks. As a rule, I don't think Cholerics do that.
And now, I find out that in fact, I'm much more Sanguine then Melancholic - although Choleric is still dominant, as Choleric is wont to be. Now I feel free to actually like people and to get distracted and interested in other things besides my schedules and routines.
I am finding this new diagnosis really interesting because if there are two things about myself that I have never liked and would change in a heartbeat it would be 1. my intensity and bulldozer-ness and 2. my inconsistency and what I perceive to be a lack of faithfulness.
I am at WAR with myself. My Choleric driven-ness hates my Sanguine distractibility and my Sanguine people-person-ness hates my Choleric insensitivity.

From Choleric Alia (aka Field marshal Alia, HT Kiersey): The whole buying a house thing is going perfectly. All the details are worked out, we have contractors ready to work on the kitchen, paint colors picked out and loads of furniture bought to fill out the new nooks and crannies of our FIRST HOUSE! And don't forget to spring forward.
From Sanguine Alia: Quote from Moses, "Lily's butt is like a dancing butt."

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