Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moses' List for Wednesday Morning, June 10th

Play with mommy a lot
Play with daddy a lot
Eat Cheerios with honey
Play with Gus
Make a new train track (we need a different switch first)
Have orange juice
Play with bubbles in the yard
Read books with mommy
Read the books from Mass that I didn't finish
Play baseball with daddy
Play the letter-game on the computer [ed. http://www.starfall.com/]
Say "gagaga" to Gus
Say "ba ba boo" to Gus
And play peekaboo with Gus
"Mommy, please write, 'Moses is very happy to see Vid at Len's Cabin. And also, Moses likes Len's Cabin"
Make towers with Thomas and he will knock them down.

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