Friday, June 5, 2009

Coxsackie, OUT!

We are very nearly done with this stinking hand, foot and mouth extravaganza. Moses is still on lots of ibuprofen (especially when his parents both administer a dose without informing the other one, oops) but he is eating a lot of oatmeal and tonight we had a major breakthrough for both kids.
Non-pureed food - and look at those smiles :)! You can't see the lump in my throat but believe me, it's there. It's just so wonderful to see them finally not hungry and able to enjoy the food. Lily kept saying, "this cheese very good." And Moses, our non-food-loving child, ate three pieces of pizza before I had finished my one. Poor hungry dears.
Now that they are moving on from Coxsackie Gus and Lily both have colds and coughs, fresh new ones. Oh yea. But hey, at least they can eat!

Oh, and since we've been stuck at home we decided to potty-train Lily once she started to feel a little better. The first day we had no pee accidents but she pooped on her bed, in the toy room and, to my great chagrin, in the middle of the driveway. But today she made it through the whole day with no accidents and with her new princess panties on. Tomorrow we try pants. Wish us luck.

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  1. Driveway? Accident? One day my oldest came screaming into the kitchen; she said a neighbor had yelled at her "Where's your mama?" when she had gone in the front yard without me. Thus I found out she was able to open the gate from backyard to front yard. However, later that day I discovered a poop in our front yard, and upon questioning, my oldest admitted that it was hers, it wasn't an accident, and maybe that's why the neighbor yelled at her. ~Maria S.