Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puke-fest 2010

Timetable, Friday morning - wee hours:
1:10 am...Mommy starts "eliminating" from both ends.
2:15 am...Rosie "frows up" every .5 hour or so.
5:00 am...Anthony throws up all over the bathroom floor while eliminating from the other end.
Repeat, repeat, repeat...
Thomas, thankfully, had this same illness earlier in the week and so was out of the competition for this round.
John, thankfully, was healthy enough (except for a cold) to keep the 7-up and jello flowing and bowls within easy reach. We plan on taking care of him later this weekend when he inevitably gets his turn.
CeCe is a regular spitter anyway but had a bad enough night last night that I think it's possible that she had a turn last night too. Hard to tell in those breastfed babies.

In their own words:
Rosie: Last time daddy gave me a red bowl when I was watchin' Peter Pan and then I frew up in my mouf. I frowed up on my pjs. It was a long movie.
Anthony: No. I'm sure I don't want to say anything about it.


  1. Obviously I am SOOOO sorry about the pukefest- that's just no good. I LOVE the "In their own words" because it so clearly reflects the munchkins quoted. Love it. I miss you all. Can't wait to see you. GET BETTER SOON!

  2. oh my, that is SO rotten!
    we haven't had a 'fest' like that since 2001. But, I clearly remember it!!!

    Yay-- Spring is on its way!