Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow-pocalypse 2010

Our town takes the "removal" part of "snow removal" very seriously. This picture was taken from the kid's bedroom window.

She lasted for about 3.5 minutes

Please ignore the pink fur-lined boots.

Anthony and neighbor, Dodge, scaling the face of the mountain

(this post began a week ago and is being posted belatedly because better late then never)

You may be tired of hearing about our big snow storm out east here but it's pretty awesome. So I thought I'd share some pictures. We have been ordered by the State and the County to stay off the roads yesterday and today and since there was also a big snow last week I've left the house for a total of 6 hours since January 30th (that includes Mass). A little cabin fever has set in but really, it's so hard to do anything with all four kids that I might not have left the house anymore then that anyway and at least there's a pretty view from my windows.
I'm so grateful for neighbors with snowblowers (although I'm puzzled by why they invest in snowblowers when this sort of weather is so unusual here). I'm also thankful for our other neighbors who are FOCUS missionaries and came over in the middle of the blizzard last night to share a bowl of chili and break up the monotony.
I have just finished rereading The Long Winter by Laura Ingles Wilder which makes me basically grateful for everything in my modern, cushy life.

UPDATE: We did manage to get out of the house (to an indoor McDonald's playplace) for an evening of wild abandon before the puke-fest commenced. Also, I feel a bit sheepish for all of my complaints about our south of the Mason-Dixon line winters here, one mile south of the Mason-Dixon line. This is a real, for serious snow situation. In fact, there's been so much snow that the kids can't even play in it. Anthony was waist-deep in the backyard. Our swings on our swing set had no seats anymore. It was awesome. Now I only have to wait about 10 years to see something like it again. In nine years I'll have to remember to go out and buy a snowblower - I wouldn't want miss out on another opportunity to join the snowblower brigade.

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  1. That is a a great post... Jeanmarie would be proud. Especially like Posy in all of her snow glory :)