Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mom - he's breathing on me!

I knew that things were going to get complicated with two kids. I've been anticipating Moses' acting-out to get the attention that was once lavished on him alone, I'm already expecting there to be many fights over toys and movies and such - there will undoubtedly be arguments over space and friends and other various matters. The main problem that I am facing right now with the "newly sibbed" sibling is that Moses seems to think that she's a toy - a really neat toy - but ultimately a toy for him to experiment with at his whim. Most of the time he's very gentle with her but occasionally I catch him: poking her eyes, squeezing her feet or hands, pushing her head, and yesterday I caught him stepping on her leg.

So, several weeks ago now I left Lily in my bedroom and went into the bathroom to complete some task that I had begun at least 4 times and had been interupted in the middle of 4 times. I made sure that Moses was in the living room - gainfully employed in some important train work. After a couple of minutes I hear a piercing "pain cry" coming from my bedroom and I run out of the bedroom yelling, "DON'T TOUCH HER!!! MOSES- YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!" Upon reaching the baby I saw no sign of Moses and thinking that he had heard the anger in my voice and hid behind my bed I ran over the the poor baby and began my inspection for any visible wounds. And there it was, her little hand - white knuckled - gripping a big chunk of her own dark hair in what looked like a desperate attempt to pull herself into a standing position. It took me a significant output of strength to release the grasp and as soon as I calmed her down I went to reassure Moses that he wasn't in big trouble. I'm sure the time will come when he will frequently get blamed for things that he didn't do but at least the evidence was clear in this case.
Note the large quantity of hair available for grabbing

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