Saturday, May 12, 2007

Moses...An excess of life 2 1/2 he is filled with "an excess of life", as G.K. Chesterton describes toddlers. Shifting between adoring his little sister and despising her, his mood sometimes changing between seconds, he is giving me a run for my supervisory money. One minute he's kissing her and the next minute he hits her head (soft spots mean nothing to him) and the next he's cooing at her and holding her hand. My mom says that all of his emotions are mixed up in him and he simultaneously has really good feelings about her and really bad feelings about her - the evidence definitely bears that out.
As anyone who knows my little bug-boy is well-aware, he has a serious penchant for trains. My goodness, life revolves around Thomas, Percy, Gordon, etc, etc. He has managed to glean on his own, with no help from parents, the numbers 1-10 and the primary colors just from being playing with the trains. He knows all the trains by name, number and color far better then I do.
He also loves getting outside and riding his "boCCCKK" (notice the strong emphasis on the list sound) - bike, really his trike - around the neighborhood. The first time we took him out he pushed himself, Flinstone-style, around the neighborhood for over a mile and would have kept going, but being 9 months pregnant I was done long before he was.
I've loved every stage of his development and this is definitely one of my favorites so far - the "ilo-u's" (i love you) and the animated stories that he tells us just make us laugh all the time. He definitely has an "excess of life" and it spills over making my life a joy.

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