Monday, May 14, 2007


Lately I've been taking Moses and the baby on walks. Sometimes he walks, sometimes he rides in the stroller or, best of all - he might ride his trike. The thing that is consistent about any kind of walk he takes is that he swings back and forth between complete focus and complete distraction. When he's walking he's running, when he is riding his bike he puts his head down very determinedly and pushes Flinstone style as fast as possible (I have to almost jog to keep up)...and then - suddenly - he's barely moving or at a dead-stop. The distraction is usually a dog but could also be a leaf, a drainage hole, other kids playing, a basketball hoop, a sprinkler (oh joy!), or a "big wa-wa" (a puddle). David pointed out that adults do this too but as drivers - we drive as fast as is legal (or a tad faster) to get somewhere but as soon as we see a car accident, a police pulling someone over or an interesting roadkill we slow down to a crawl to get the longest view possible. It's too bad that it's rarely as interesting as the things that Moses rubbernecks for. All in all I certainly enjoy taking walks more now with Moses around - he always notices the things that I just walk past otherwise.

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