Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bedtimes Woes

It has come to a head tonight. David is out at a ball game and I am here with the babies. I have decided to let Lily CIO (cry it out) tonight. I almost did it last night but needed to pump myself up for the trauma that it causes to a mommy's heart - ok, her emotions anyway. So I watched an episode of Supernanny where they let a kid CIO with great success and geared up for the Big Event. I thought it was better to do it without David being here because then I would be making the decision completely on my own and wouldn't feel pressured one way or another.
So we did it. She cried for 25 minutes. I didn't cry at all - tonight. I did cry last night thinking about it. First they cut the umbilical cord and now she puts herself to sleep...what's next - graduation?!
Also in the Bedtime Woe category - the BBCB experiment went awry tonight. He walked out of his room, right up to me and said: "Mommy, I a tinky one" (I'm a stinky one). So I took him back and changed his diaper. Up until this evening Moses has not ventured very far from his bed but tonight he embraced life without bars and as of right now the count is -
Moses Escapes: 8
Bottles of Water: 5
Soaking Wet Diapers: 5
Pairs of PJs: 3 (collateral damage of the Soaking Wet Diapers)
Hours Since Initial Bed Time: 2.5
Toys Accumulated in Bed: 3

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