Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Catch up? Not tonight...

Oh man. It's been a long, long 4 weeks. We have fit in a ridiculous amount of activities and visiting (blogging excepted)...I don't think I'm going to recover for at least as long as we've been "on the go". It's been great though. We are blessed with so many good friends and family (and we most likely saw you these last 4 weeks!). I'll do vacation posts later on.
Tonight I thought that I would share that Moses is now in a Big Boy Car Bed. We had our first sleep in the BBCB at nap-time yesterday. All seems calm and quiet right now but for two nights in a row he has called us in and because he was "scary". First he was scary of seals and then he was scary of monkeys (we made a trip to the zoo Saturday). He seems pretty easily comforted and, thanks be to God, he hasn't actually gotten out of his bed on his own yet. He just calls us into him, like he did in the crib. At first he didn't seem to want to switch (he really loved his crib) but as soon as the new Thomas the Tank Engine sheets made an appearance he was so excited that he helped dismantle the crib. So, my many, many concerns about the BBCB transfer are allayed, for now.

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