Friday, September 21, 2007

My Radio Life

Well, I was obviously born and raised in a radio culture. For the majority of my day the radio is on and I'm either not listening or half listening. I'm rarely REALLY listening (maybe while I'm cooking or nursing). But, these are the shows that I get snippets of all day long (local stations for those in the area).
7:30 - 9am, Music and Company with Tom Allen.(89.9 Canadian NPR, weird, huh?) This is classical music that I get started with. Tom Allen is awesome. He's funny and he makes the music relevant and therefore more enjoyable.
9 - 12 pm, Laura Ingrahamm (1600) Politics, FUNNY, culture and she is a Catholic convert (for serious, not like some)
12 - 1 pm, nothing or Rush (760)
1 - 2 pm, Dr. Ray Guerendi (990)Catholic Parenting advice - the best
2-3 pm, Dave Ramsey (1600) Money Advice, no-debt philosophy and awesome baby-step plan that David and I are making our way through. Good inspiration to be frugal.
3-4 pm, Dr. Laura (1600) Some good, some bad but generally makes me a better wife.
4-6 pm, well duh. Al Kresta (990). "Looking at the world throught the lens of Scripture and teaching of the Catholic Church" Just about everything makes it through this show and it has great analysis and great interviews.

At 7 I switch to TV - JK, a little ;)

I don't have all these shows on all the time but if I'm going to listen during those times, these are what I listen to.

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