Saturday, September 15, 2007

Really Useful Cheeks

Last night we were putting Moses into his BBCB (see prior posts) for the night and Lily was still awake so she joined us for the nightly ritual. Moses is always very excited when she is able to join us. So we got to the kissing part of the night and he was having trouble planting one where he wanted it on her. He insists, INSISTS on kissing her on the mowf - regardless of snot cascading from the facial orifaces. So last night, as on many prior nights, he was having a hard time keeping her head still enough to get the kiss on the mouth. So, in a final desperate attempt to land the smooch correctly he grabbed her cheeks, one in each hand and turned her towards him, aimed, and planted a big juicy one on her. And I thought those cheeks were just good for sinking your lips into.

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