Monday, September 17, 2007

Worth the Hype

I was at my friends for dinner the other day and was poking around their kitchen and noticed a little whiteboard on the fridge that had an ongoing list entitled "Worth the Hype". Such a good idea. I'm stealing it. But, I'm giving credit where credit is due: Anne and Tim.
So with no further delay, my first entry on Things that are Worth the Hype:
I don't know how much hype there's been about this but I'm really enjoying it. You can get a book in bite-size chunks in your inbox each day, just during the weekdays or on Mon, Wed and Fri - your choice. You "subscribe" for free and then you can read books in 5 minute increments that you would not usually find the time to read. If you're like me then you like to have a nice empty inbox and will read just about anything in order to be able to delete it.
Upsides - easy to manage; free; some of us are more likely to do something if it involves electronics
Downsides - since it's a free service the books are limited - mostly classics that are out of print long ago - but you can certainly find something that hits you with a, "I've always wanted to read that!" feeling. Also, you can't underline. For those of us underlining addicts this causes much frustration that can only be slightly allieviated by use of the ctrl C and ctrl V and a Word doc.
Of course, nothing, nothing beats the feel and smell of an old, much loved book and I'm a big, big fan of cushy armchairs, steaming mugs of hot chocolate and a quiet evening chuckling and/or crying with an old booky chum but...
yeah, right. I have 2 little ones who don't sleep in the evenings (or afternoon, or mornings for that matter) right now and I'll take what I can get. So, Anna Karinina - here I come!

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