Wednesday, October 22, 2008

no time to catch up...

There's no time, no time! I have so much to say and no time to say it. I've thought of SO many posts that I should do but the fact is that I'm back on my feet enough now that I have no blogging time. Whatever. It's nice to be a capable human being again. I appreciate all the help that David and family and friends give me but I also am really enjoying not only being on the receiving end of help. But that means no time.

So, tonight I did a wild and crazy thing. Imprudent must be my middle name because after getting an ID card for the university's fitness facility (yea! free gym access!) I decided to attend a group fitness class. I have never been in an exercise class before. I have never done Pilates before. Also, I have not actually exercised since Gus was born, and if we're being honest here, then since that pregnancy-test was positive. So, there I was, sporting an ample post-lovelette belly, surrounded by college students, huffing and puffing, and definitely NOT able to do all the moves. But frankly, I feel great. I have three kids - what do those college girls have except firm and perky parts? I win that contest for sure.
OK, some stories. Geez, I really wish that I could remember more of them. I laugh all day long but 2 minutes after it's over I can't remember why I was laughing.

Daddy: Moses, you're are acting like a CRAZY man!
Moses: No I AMN'T!

After Lily's bath she wanted to run all over my bedroom naked with the hooded-towel flying behind her from her head, as is usually the crowning event of bath-time. But since it's getting chillier I grabbed her, thinking how good I'd be at catching a greased pig, and was trying to actually dry her off before the streaking commenced. Daddy showed up at the bathroom door at this moment and she implored his help by saying, "Daddiieeeee! I duck (stuck), I duck!!!" How dare I intrude on the sacred ritual?

While we were visiting MI this past week (ah, a taste of heaven!) Lily got into my suitcase and wandered all over the house with her arm through the leg-holes of my panties, utilizing the underwear's little-known ability to stand in for a purse.

I wish I could remember more for you, for my kids in later years but, oh well. OK, now I'm off to enjoy my non-pregnant, non-moving, non-justoutofthehospital, non-traveling life. Ta Ta.

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