Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fly on the Wall

Moses is trying to put a puzzle together and I'm on the computer, definitely NOT listening at all - just answering in the affirmative to everything (which by the way is a sure-fire way to end up with kids eating cupcakes around 8:30 am).
Moses: Mommy, does this piece go here?
Mommy: Um. Yeah, sure.
Moses: (trying to fit the piece in) Oh, that's NONSENSE.

Moses' comment about this picture of Lily (circa 3 months):
"Who is that fat, crazy guy?"

Moses: I think we should have LOTS of kids in Bumbo seats.
Mommy: Oh yeah, what about 5 kids or 7 kids?!
Moses: Well...how about twelve kids? Or 40 kids?!

Moses: Sometimes I pray to God at night. I ask Him to make the Polar Express crash into our house and make me a conductor when I'm older. Can He do that?

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