Monday, January 5, 2009

Ski baby, ski (*updated*)

I ski. I'm a skier (said nonchalantly, with a head-toss).
I skied the bunny hill 3 times. The next green hill 3 times and then the big green run from the top of the mountain to the bottom 2 times and one short blue run twice.
Bo and I skied the bunny hill twice and the next green hill twice together. Bo is my new ski friend.
I was really nervous about going for the first time because it's been years since I was "a skier" and I'd be alone since no one else around can/wants to be a skier. But after the first terrifying ride up the chair lift by myself (up the BUNNY HILL) where I practiced my deep breathing, God sent along Bo. Who showed me the bar that you can put down on the lift, reminded me of a technique to make better right-hand turns and explained to me how to get up after a fall (it's amazing how easy it is to forget these things. Skiing is not like riding a bike, that's what). What would I do without Bo?
So Bo and I rode the chairlift and talked about all manner of deep things. Luckily for David, Bo is 12.
I will be making use of my new pass again tonight. Oh joy! I need to think of something to do on the ski lift by myself though, it does get a little tedious. I've already thought of a Rosary, David suggested menu planning (mostly joking?), any other ideas?

Update: "Wintry Mix"= no skiing=taking down the Christmas tree instead=breaking the vacuum cleaner.

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