Saturday, January 23, 2010

We're Baaaccckkk, Bigger and better the ever.

I'm strangely nervous writing this post. It's been so long (7 long months!) since writing anything that I'm sure no one is out there anymore to read it but I'm still nervous. How does one come back from such a long hiatus? In internet-time 7 months is around 12 years. So, I come bearing gifts, Cecilia Noel. The best way to worm your way back into people's hearts, or Google-readers, as the case may be, is by promising pictures of soft, pink people. And of course stories involving poop. And for those of you who can't be lured in by those titilating topics I will offer home-makeover pictures.
Either way, we're back - whether you like it or not :)!


  1. This post makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy :) Even if I've already seen the new babe, some of the home improvement, and your own beautiful face. Welcome back my friend, I'm so proud! Now for some stories about poop... (or peein' in strange places, that's a good story too)

  2. Yeah! Glad that you are back and I really look forward to pictures of the pink people and poop stories...

  3. YAY!!! I just saw your blog pop up in my feed-reader and I'm so excited! Apparently feed-readers never forget ;)

    Congratulations - she's beautiful!

  4. So glad to see you back on the blog-o-sphere! Congrats on the new babe...looking forward to hearing more! Love it! (No pun intended...)