Sunday, February 10, 2008

Further Catechesis Needed

At the consecration (in the cry room, luckily)...
Moses: Look, Mommy! It's the Lord!
Mommy: Very good Moses! (to herself, wow, I must be doing something right - I rock!)
A few minutes later, as the priest drinks from the chalice
Moses: Oh, look Mommy! The Lord is drinking!
Mommy: Ahhh. Right. (to herself - OK, not so much rocking anymore.)

Moses: Mom, did you remender Daddy's friend, Bob?
Mom: Uhhhh. No, actually. I don't remember Daddy's friend named Bob.
Moses: You know, the Lord, Bob.
Mom: Oh - you mean Fr. Bob!
Moses: Yeah, the Lord Bob.

I guess that Theology education is not genetically passed down.

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