Friday, February 15, 2008

A Rosy Outlook

Lily has not gotten much press lately but that is not for lack of cuteness or accomplishments. She is becoming a real little personality and it's just a riot to watch it. Sometimes she does something and I think - wait a minute - I've seen that aren't really entirely your own person are you? You are one of us. On the other hand, she's quite a bit different then her brother in several ways.

She's quite a bit more independent - or at least it seems as if she's more independent - maybe she's just got more entertainment then Moses had. Either way she is always on the go and more often then not she's in the bathroom, in the toilet. What kind of parents does that poor child have?
She also is more communicative then he ever was. And he had already taken his first step at her age and I'm definitely not looking for that out of her anytime soon.

Her recent triumphs have been (10.5 months):
*Standing for short periods of time, always unconsciously
*"Soooo Big"
*Signing and approximating "All Done" when asked if she's all done (she has yet initiate communication but we're thrilled that it doesn't look like we're in for a language delay this time around!)
*Learning to hold her own sippy-cup

Her recent favorite leisure activities:
*Pulling clothes out of drawers
*Pulling plastic dishes out of cupboards
*Crawling behind you and dumping things out of baskets as you put said things into said baskets
*Waking up and snuggling on the heirloom rocking chair
*Eating cheddar cheese
*Playing peekaboo with Moses and/or putting her hands into his mouth (once again, where are the parents?!)
*Moving mountains to get to Daddy when he comes home from work
*Sitting on the extra mattress while Moses and Vid (my brother) jump on the mattress and bounce her

She charms all with her toothier and toothier smile and she just makes a very gloomy February tolerable, even enjoyable. In fact, she's so charming that every time she wakes up or crawls into the room where Vid and Moses are playing (ages 6 and 3) they both drop what they are doing and coo and cheer, "Lily!!! Lily is here!" I know that someday she'll probably morph into the annoying little sister who ruins all the fun but for now she's the STAR!

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