Tuesday, February 5, 2008


We're in the middle of cashing-in on our recent acquisition of "real" cable. After the Michigan primary I was so, so, so ticked-off that none of the major networks covered the votes as they were coming in, and that my only choices for that evening were American Idol and The Biggest Loser, that I up and ordered Basic Cable to replace my Limited Basic Cable. So, we now receive CNN, Fox, etc. And tonight is the reason I more then doubled my cable bill - I am cashing in folks, I am cashing in.
You see, when you don't really watch many sports then politics is the best entertainment out there.
I am so happy, even though I'm really not happy with how the votes are coming in...
Anyway, David and I thought that the Montana was worth a little publicity (which I just spelled plubicity and couldn't figure out why it looked so wierd, I mean, weird).
With 13% of the precincts reporting:
McCain 33%
Romney 31%
Paul 19%
Huckabee 18%

Now, the funny part, the part that we had to look at several times to confirm what we thought, is that - with a whole 13% of precints reporting - the ACTUAL votes, the ACTUAL number of people who cast a ballot today are as follows:
McCain - 30 independents and cross-over democrats
Romney - 28 wealthy cattle ranchers
Paul - 17 lonely, bitter people
Huckabee - 16 evangelicals

Each candidate has a larger percentage of the total vote then they have actual people who cared enough to vote.
Hey Lisa and Glenn! You two had better been 2 of that 91 total on Montana voters!

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