Monday, April 21, 2008

Animal House

We just had the perfect day at the zoo - to no credit of my own. I did not plan, I did not prepare, I did not execute well but we still had a perfect day. I am this type of planner usually. For those not inclined to read the article (although if you aren't then I highly suggest that you work on that flaw since Laskas is hilarious) I tend to lean toward the Type A side of the chart, or the J side of the P/J Myers-Briggs categories. In other words, I plan - and I do not like things left to chance, not even a little. Spontaneity is generally not exciting to me, it is very stressful and puts me in a terrible mood. Well, at least the kind of spontaneity that involves children. But I woke up this morning sensing that that I had to go to the zoo - even though normally going to the zoo is an event that takes me several days of planning and scheduling and monitoring the weather.
Today I woke up, saw that it was supposed to be mostly cloudy and still decided to go. I had about 20 minutes to get everything ready for a day-long outing with the kids and still decided to go. I knew that I was going to totally screw with Lily's nap-schedule and that we would show up at the zoo just as she was hitting her need for a morning nap and still decided to go. I knew that I would be alone and pregnant with two needy munchkins and still decided to go.
This is not the way I do things. Just not. The idea of throwing caution to the wind, of damning the torpedoes! I do not damn torpedoes, I respect and reverence them.
But I am SO GLAD we did. It was perfect. Lily was an angel, an angel, I tell you! Moses was so excited and interested and obedient. The weather was a perfectly sunny, 70 degrees. Lily did have to go pant-less after peeing through her pants but she has the cutest tush and thighs ever, so even that was perfect.
I have no pictures to show you because of the whole 20-minutes-to-blast-of business but even that seems perfect because I was able to just really enjoy my kiddos instead of trying to get them on film. I got to revel in the perfection of the day without trying too hard to capture it in a photo. Thank the good Lord for coming through for me in my day of wild abandon and smoothing over all the places where my bad planning could have done much worse damage then those proverbial torpedoes.
And now look at me! Spontaneously writing a blog post! I'm just on-FIRE today!

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