Thursday, April 24, 2008

Following closely on the heels...

OK, so I guess that my zoo-trip this Monday was just a dry-run for the real spontaneity challenge. I was just informed that my husband will be heading down to the DC area to pursue a job opportunity (your prayers for this would be greatly appreciated - it seems "too good to be true" but I really hope it isn't!) tomorrow and I have decided that since the kids and I are so fresh from our victory of the perfect-zoo-day that we will go too! Most of David's family is down there and we've been trying to figure out a way to visit before Lovelett is extra-utero. Based on my prior post describing my planning of a trip to the zoo then you can imagine the type of planning a 9-hour road trip with the kiddos usually involves. But hey - if we can go to the zoo on 20 minutes notice then we can go to DC on one-days notice!
And if next time you see me I jump out from behind a tree and scream, "happy birthday" or walk up to a total stranger and give them a hug just because they look sad, or go to Mass without two fully loaded sippy cups - then you'll know that this training in spontaneity is running deep.

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