Friday, April 11, 2008


Gosh. I just don't feel entertaining, insightful or even very interesting but since sometimes a thing is only worth doing if it's worth doing badly (thanks ol' GK), I will write a post.
This past weekend we went to Dallas for a wedding of a dear friend of mine from college. The weather was beautiful (but, amazingly enough it was just as beautiful here!) but I was colder down there then I generally am in Michigan since apparently Texans refuse to heat their freezing cold houses and apparently I anticipated a slightly warmer climate then Michigan while packing. Ah well. The highlight of the trip was that no one died on our flight and we actually had a flight (apparently not ALL the American Airline flights were down yet). Lily came with us and fussed like a champ most of the weekend. Probably due to the frigid temperature and the rather loud barking at our host-home. She did have fun with her new friend Anna who is only a month older then her - almost as much fun as I had with her mom, another good friend from college. Whenever there was music on Anna would do a little shoulder-shimmy dance and Lily would join in by singing. It was very cute, they made quite a pair.
Moses spent a euphoric weekend with Aunt Reenie and for a full account of his activities or just some great pictures of him you can visit her blog. Oh, our flights at 6:20 and 6:40 AM required two mornings with wake up calls before 4 am...oh my gosh. I'll never do that again.
We got home and a day later I spent a big, bad night from 11 pm - 4 am throwing up and...other unpleasant activities...meant to rid my body of some sort of bug that I surely contracted on the aforementioned flight. The next day I spent in bed or slowly hobbling to the couch feeling so weak that I thought I would never be able to sit up for more then 5 minutes again. Thank God David had another sick day he could take for me.
Today though I had a hot dog so I must be better. Also today I spent two hours at the playground with the kids and my brother David, who's six. They had a blast and were so completely wiped out when we got home that I had a very easy time getting everyone down for a nap. Lily did experience her first busted lip though. I tried to assure her that "it feels bigger then it looks", but I'm not sure she really believed me.
Last night we celebrated the return of The Office with a sushi making party (led by my sort-of-chef brother, Nick and his fiance Katie) and were led into even new depths of horror at Jan and Michael's relationship.
My baby is getting bigger and bigger and I am getting bigger and bigger but am thoroughly enjoying this stage of pregnancy where my round-ligaments aren't sabotaging my every move yet but I'm not ENTIRELY zombi-like with exhaustion either. It's a good place to be, pregnancy wise.
Ugh. I just got up to "rescue" Lily who, despite being able to climb her way to the top of the dining room table, somehow manages to get stranded on the 5 inch-tall treadmill several times a day. Before I was able to rescue her though I had to rescue my downstairs neighbors kitchen because the meat I had left in the sink, under running water to thaw, has wiggled its way into the drain and clogged it and my sink runneth over. Oi. This will probably make the third time that we have flooded our neighbor's kitchen. I don't know why they never look me in the eye when they pass me. Oh, maybe it's me that doesn't look them in the eye.
OK, there are picture of Lily's birthday on their way to a post near you. Pictures make you feel less stupid when you look at them later. Even if I can't write good posts I do, at least, make cute babies. There's no denying it folks.

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