Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're here...home in MD

We have no internet so I am going to make this quick since Moses is talking the library lady's ear right off - of course about trains. Let's just say that I am here at the library because things in the internet world are NOT going Com-castically. Or perhaps they are. Some reputations are warranted.
We had a terrifically smooth move. The trip down went well with the biggest catastrophe were the multiple diaper leakages and oozes due to using Target brand diapers - if I ever get internet again I will be leaving a scathing review of their product on their site, thank you very much. Actually, I'm sure that I won't but it's nice to threaten.
Anyway, we were unloaded by 10:45 am on Saturday due to the tremendous help of a few local boyscouts who our realtor set us up with and of course the amazing help of a few friends from MD and a few friends from MI and my mom.
The unpacking is going well and I will post some pictures of our new digs eventually.
My calves are sore and have been for days since we went from living in a one-floor apartment to living in a three floor house where the children's bedrooms are 25 stairs up. I'm excited about how good it will be for my legs and my baby weightloss...
Speaking of baby - I have meetings with the doctor and with the state and I am doing my best to get the best medical coverage for this birth so I'd appreciate any little prayers sent up over the next week for that. It would be nice to save for a house of our own instead of paying off the baby over the next year.
OK, I've pushed the library lady far enough...sorry for the brevity and lack of details.
We are very happy here - LOVE the house and that yard! And LOVE the people - I think that I've said about 20 times per day, "the people are just so nice". Except, of course, the Comcast people. OK, hopefully talk to you soon!

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