Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Maybe I'm crazy or maybe I'm just wrong about my due date but I really don't feel as pregnant as I remember feeling the last couple times I was this pregnant. I keep reading these little blurbs in the preggers-books about how I should be so uncomfortable and swollen and generally miserable but, I'm not really. I'm thinking that it's part the fact that the stress and distraction of moving and having no health insurance yet have resulted in my gaining less then I did for the other pregnancies - just slightly above normal this time around. And second part would be expectations. I just did this last year, you know? I remember this time. There was no unrealistic expectations of what I would get done or how good I would feel - it sucks and I remember it. Either way, I'm very happy to not be am I insightful.

(This is the most recent pregnant picture I have. I did have shorts on, despite appearances. This is my friend Kate - also pregnant - and me on taking a break with our twin girls on moving day.)

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