Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Age-defying lotion

Lily is in some ways a girly-girl. She sits with me at my vanity every morning to get her hair done while covering her cheeks and lips and tongue with chapstick. But today she took it upon herself to do her morning glamming-up by coming out of the bathroom carrying the Desitin, having spread it all over her lips for lipstick and her eyes for eye-liner/shadow. Every time I kiss her I can taste the butt cream. Yummy.
Upon further consideration I think that Desitin is probably a very effective age-defying cream, a little stinky perhaps, but I always smell like Desitin anyway. I'm not quite ready to give it a try personally but Lily is certainly driving me to gray hair and wrinkles before my time so perhaps in the near future.

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