Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby Soon

OK! So, we have blast off scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. I'm 2 cm. and 70% effaced and my doc will give me some prostaglandin gel to get me started but he thinks that it will be easy and quick (isn't that just like a man?) - no Pitocin neccessary. Actually, I have a feeling that I'll go into labor all on my own tonight sometime, things are just feeling labor-y. If they don't then I'm just fine with the gel solution. Soooooo....
Lovelett III coming soon to a blog, email or facebook page near you!
I decided today that the doctor should provide a handicap tag for every 8 and 9 month pregnant woman. It's just fair - I'm definitely handicapped.
Also, it would be very nice if the police could provide a pink and blue flashing light that you could pop on the top of a car, like an undercover cop, when you go into labor. That way everyone would see it and say, "oh-there goes one of those labor lights, better get out of the way."
Those are my new ideas for the day. It's been very productive.
I am just over the moon excited to meet this little person. It's been such a strange pregnancy, with SO much happening that I've hardly had time to realize that there is an actual PERSON coming along here. But I'm finally at the point where the faceless anonymity of this baby has been going on long enough. It's time to meet! Can't wait to share the news...

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