Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Morning Rose and Morning Mose

This morning

Rosie: Hey! I haven't had breaksist yet.
Daddy: You're right, Rosie. What do you want?
Rosie: Um...maybe some Kix. No - I want pasta with cheese. That's my favorite.
Daddy: That's a good idea, why don't we have it for lunch?
Rosie: Yes. Let's have lunch.

Anthony scrambled up on my lap while I was sifting through my morning internet reading and eating a bowl of Rice Krispies with sugar on top. (yes. I know. But I don't let the children see me putting the sugar in the bowl.) He wanted to see the weather report because this is what we do.

Sunny, followed by thunderstorms but Sunday is going to be sunny all day.

"Why does God always make Sundays sunny?" I explain that he doesn't but maybe he is trying to make Sunday special this week since it's been so rainy.

"Why does God spell Saturday wrong? It should be Sat-ur-day. But he just puts it Sat."


Does anyone have an email address for God's IT director?

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