Friday, May 7, 2010

A Sad Commentary on my Housekeeping, or not...

Upon watching a few busy ants on the window seat in the kitchen:

"Ants and mice are pretty special. They come and eat the things that we don't want to clean up."


  1. This is exactly why we have dogs!

  2. I share your feelings :) We're in the couple weeks per year that ants join our household, and I never catch them in the kitchen or dining room... always the bathroom. Why? I wonder if we have secret bathroom eaters.

    I miss you and want to encourage you through the weight-loss/mismatched shoe phase you are going through. You have ALWAYS looked great and stylish on a moments notice, but I was sad to read that you're not feeling your optimistic self about it. You are a great mother, a great friend, a hilarious writer and a definite boon to humanity as a whole, +15 pounds or not. So don't feel bad :) And I'm wearing yoga pants too... hoping for a shower uninterrupted by a little boy and his animal picture book. Same boy is currently climbing on my lap begging for breakfast. Can't the ants SERVE the food too? :)